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5 Ways to Build Connections with Leads

August 10, 2021

Don’t seek to close a sale, seek to build relationships. Creating a connection with potential clients is essential in building a database of active leads. This is a vital first step before jumping into the selling process. Build the relationship, establish rapport, and the sale will come. Here are 5 ways to build solid relationships with current and potential leads.

1. Communicate- Your clients are relying on you to tell them what they need to do and what to expect. It won’t be rare that you’re dealing with first-time home buyers. The things that come easy to you are often the most confusing part of this entire process for buyers. Always communicate next steps and give clear understanding of what showings, open houses, and inspections could entail. Lack of communication is a large percentage of client loss. Over-communicate and be ready for questions.

2. Ease Client Stress- This is often the biggest purchase of your client’s life, they’re trusting you to help them navigate the rough waters of home buying. With hundreds of thousands of dollars thrown into the mix, your clients are bound to be stressed. It’s your job to keep them at ease. Avoid unnecessary drama by preparing them for the worst and educating them on possible solutions.

3. Honesty/Trust- One of the most important parts of building a relationship with buyers is establishing trust. Honesty is always the best policy; never risk tarnishing your reputation and success by lying to your clients. Always remember they can get this information anywhere… why should they stay with you? You also have to ask yourself if they should trust you. Have you put in the work to earn it? Being prepared for questions and knowing the ins and outs of the industry can set you apart from every other agent out there.

4. Nurture the relationship- Your connection may start by saying hello at an open house, but giving them a business card and hoping they use it will not result in a lead. You’re responsible for following up with everyone you interact with… this is how you’re going to build a database. People won’t remember you when they’re ready to buy unless you’ve made it a point to maintain the relationship along the way. Stop thinking of people as just a way to make money; in fact, get yourself out of the sales mindset entirely.  Friend, follow & connect with everyone you know on social media. Add personal notes, and ANY contact or relevant info you can find to your database! But most importantly, your relationship is not over on closing day, don’t forget about past clients when trying to find new ones. Maintaining long term relationships with your leads will often generate return business as well as referrals, which is vital to your success as an agent! If you want to learn more about nurturing relationships and building your database, check out our online course.

5. Share your expertise- You have the expertise and knowledge to help clients navigate the sale or purchase of their home. Show your clients you have value and you have the ability to help them. Clients want to feel cared for and at ease. Educate when needed, but don’t be arrogant about the knowledge you carry. Build confidence, master your craft and become an industry expert. 

Remember the most important part of growing your business is creating strong relationships. Building relationships not only develops your social skills that will, in turn, increase your confidence in sales; but relationships turn leads into customers. Use these 5 tips to easily build connections with leads, trust is key. You can do it!


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