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Avoiding Burnout as an Agent

October 18, 2021

Real estate has always been a competitive industry, but in recent years it has been even more difficult for agents to stand out. New agents tend to over-work and under-reward themselves, trying as hard as they can to not get swallowed up by the overflowing industry. The best way to avoid burnout as a real estate agent is to find ways to stay motivated and engaged. In this post we’ll discuss some tips you can use today to help make your work life balance easier, so you can feel refreshed, re-energized and ready for each new day!

#1 Establish a work-life balance. Many agents fail to recognize there is more to life than just work. Taking time away from your job can help you re-evaluate what’s important and remind yourself why you got into this business—to help people find their dream homes. You should never feel guilty for taking some personal time off or going on vacation. When building an online presence for yourself it can be beneficial to stay relevant after hours and on weekends, but that doesn’t mean you have to be working 24/7. 

Snap a selfie, hop on live and chat with your followers for 5 minutes, and then log off and enjoy your personal time. 

(Pro-Tip: Keep your notifications ON all the time so if someone reaches out, you can start logging the times at which your followers are most active on your page. But that doesn’t mean you have to reply immediately!)

#2 Work on one thing at a time. There’s a common trend of new agents trying to manage their own social media, make personal connections with clients and investors, learn the ins-and-outs of real estate taxes, policies, and prepare for upcoming events—all at once. If that sounds impossible, it’s because it is! The best advice we can give you is to continue working on one  task at a time until it’s finished before moving onto the next thing. Having to multitask in this industry is inevitable, so don’t make it harder on yourself by doing it intentionally. 

Pro–Tip: Set aside time in your calendar to tackle tasks so they aren’t piling up for you to try to squeeze all in one day. Quitting is a quick, easy way out if you get overwhelmed, so don’t let yourself get to that point.

#3 Develop a proper support team. It’s important to surround yourself with people who are on your team—those who believe in you and will support you. It can be anyone:

  • A mentor
  • Another agent
  • A family member
  • A friend

Having these relationships can make all the difference when things get tough. If you are worried about navigating this competitive industry alone, let us help. Our team at BTG Real Estate is jam-packed with experience, passion and education. Having the right support system in place is key to not only helping you avoid burnout but also staying motivated and engaged throughout your career!

Pro-Tip: You can find more information here on how you can gain access to our listing and closing managers, mentors, educators, etc! 

#4 Change up your routine. You probably have a daily routine without even knowing it. It could be as simple as always getting stopped at the same red light, or ordering the same coffee each morning. While there can be comfort in a is important you don’t allow yourself to get in a rut. Plus, change is good, and can add a little excitement to your day. There are SO many ways you can switch it up and keep yourself motivated on a daily basis. Try one of our go-to’s:

  • A coffee break with a colleague
  • Listening to a new motivational podcast at your desk
  • Taking a quick walk over lunch

Even just moving around will help get your blood flowing and put you in a better mood for whatever you need to tackle next. You might even find that you’re more productive and efficient once your energy is back up. 

Everyone has their favorite ways to recharge, so find what works best for you.

#5 Stay focused.  If you find yourself feeling less enthusiastic and more drained on a daily basis, it could be because your focus is not where it needs to be. 

  • Keep to your schedule
  • Don’t let your calls drift into a non-productive conversation
  • Remove distractions
  • Set S.M.A.R.T. goals
  • Take breaks

Setting small, attainable goals each day will keep you engaged and motivated to keep working.  Huge, long-term goals are great too, but when you don’t break them down into smaller milestones, you will quickly get overwhelmed and behind schedule. (see tip #2!)

Pro-Tip: turn off unnecessary notifications. Yes, it’s important to keep an eye out for messages from clients, but you really don’t need to see what sales Target is running right this second. It’s all about balance.

#6 Check in with yourself often. While it’s great to have a supportive team around you that can help keep things on track when needed—it’s even more important for agents not to rely solely on those specific individuals or groups of people for guidance throughout their career.  Sometimes we need perspective from an outside source…but other times what we really need is some self-reflection and reassurance that everything is going well. Struggling? We offer a self-paced course designed to help lost and inexperienced agents gain the confidence and knowledge they need to succeed, so the only person you’re relying on is you! 

Being able to identify what’s working and not working for you is an essential part of avoiding burnout.

The most important thing when it comes to staying motivated in real estate? Be kind to yourself

We know the industry can be tough, but there are so many ways out there to help agents battle stress. These aren’t all shark-infested waters..we WANT you to succeed. Let’s work together to lower the looming failure rate of this industry. What are you doing to avoid burnout in your career? Are you taking advantage of some of the tips we’ve mentioned, or do you have another strategy for staying focused and productive at work? 

Take these tips, implement them, share them with your colleagues, and watch how your perspective shifts. 

You can do this!


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