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Overcoming the Fear of Talking on the Phone: Tips for Real Estate Agents

November 2, 2021

The phone is a crucial tool for real estate agents. It can be used to make follow-up calls to leads, but also to connect with potential clients. There’s just one problem: many agents are afraid of talking on the phone. We get it, texts and emails are much easier because you can’t be put on the spot. If you’re someone who’s struggling with this, we are here to help. In this post, we’ll provide you with some practical tips to help you overcome your fear and start making more sales as a real estate agent.

#1 Practice.

This one is kind of obvious, but we know how tricky it can be to pick up the phone for the first time. Phone calls are an essential skill as an agent, you’re likely not going to get around this one. Ask a friend, colleague, or family member to help. You’ll want to practice professional but friendly conversation. Remember, the call doesn’t have to be long or detailed, it just has to happen.

Tip: Buddy up with another agent to role-play what a typical call might sound like…it may sound silly, but you’ll thank us later.

#2 Prepare for objections + common replies.

There are COUNTLESS available call scripts online, (we’ve got a great one that comes with our online course) pick one, and use that as a guide, but also be ready for off-script questions. This is a game changer. You can alter the script to make it your own, but try not to change it too much, even if it makes you uncomfortable.

Most agents agree that the reason they are reluctant to make calls is because they might not be prepared for what the client may ask. Just think of it this way: even as an entry-level agent, you probably know 10x what they do about real estate. The odds of them asking something that you don’t know is very slim.

If they do ask something you’re unsure of, simply say: “I’ll have to check on that, but I’ll get back to you ASAP.” (or something along those lines). Easy peasy!

#3 Just do it!

Pick up the phone, dial the number, and just get it over with–the longer you put it off, the longer until you make the sale! The first few calls are probably going to be all over the place, that’s just how it goes. Over time, you’ll learn what the common replies are and your conversation will flow easier and easier. More often than not, they trust you and your opinion, and have zero expectations. You may be pinching pennies and NEED this client–but they simply just want some help buying a home…Don’t overthink it!


Remember, we are all humans, there’s no reason to be nervous or intimidated by making a phone call. Mistakes will get made, you’ll learn from them, and in 6 months time, you won’t even have to think about picking up the phone. Stop worrying about all the things that could go wrong, practice your skills and put them to the test– it’s that simple. It might seem like a lot now, but we know you can do it! 

P.S. Keep an eye out for a blog post on nailing that first introductory’s on the way!

Cheering you on!


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