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Propelling Your Real Estate Business Forward Despite Pandemic Challenges

March 30, 2021
Podcast Number: 023
Your three co-hosts Haley LoBosco, Brandon Tracy, and Kyle Bates kick off their first podcast episode to discuss how the real estate industry has been changed by the pandemic. Many real estate agents are unhappy with the new challenges and changes that have been presented to them. However, your co-hosts share why the pandemic has been a good thing for the space. There are a lot of positive things happening, and here’s how you can embrace them and propel your business forward.

Key Takeaways

  • The pandemic has completely changed the real estate industry.
  • Consumer behavior is taking an interesting turn. The pandemic has accelerated people’s actions.
  • There are some new fears cropping up. Haley explains what she’s been hearing on the ground.
  • Why are agents so opposed to Zoom? It’s great!
  • The 40-hour workweek isn’t a thing anymore. It’s all about productively managing your productivity.
  • Just because there are new changes happening in the industry doesn’t mean you need to completely reinvent yourself.
  • Real estate agents love the efficiency/time saved by not doing in-person meetings.
  • With all this extra time, people are focusing on the things that matter.
  • There have been plenty of industries that have faced new challenges and new disruptions. You either embrace them or you die.
  • Why are people uncomfortable with meeting on Zoom?
  • Don’t let your ego hold you back from moving your business forward.
  • Your clients don’t like meeting online? Think again.
  • At some point, we’ll be getting vaccinated. The end is near!
  • The real estate industry is a very social work environment. Brandon understands people are feeling lonely and missing those connections.
  • Going to the office is going to be way different than what we were used to before the pandemic.
  • Your three co-hosts have leveraged the power of an online community to help them stay connected with peers and friends.
  • How many of us are capable of self-governing our way to success when we don’t have a boss?
  • Have the fundamentals of the real estate business changed?Kyle does a recap on what the fundamentals are to successful real estate business.
  • The world is moving forward, with or without you.
  • Have a bit of grace and compassion for yourself. We are all in a period of growth and transition.
  • Instead of focusing on whether something is harder or easier than it was before, focus on what you need to get done today, and do it!
  • Show up every single day imperfectly perfect and know what your value is.
  • It does get easier as you go!

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