The Authentic Agent Podcast

Be an Elite Communicator and Set Expectations the Right Way

April 13, 2021
Podcast Number: 025
Your co-hosts Haley LoBosco and Brandon Tracy talk about communication and emotional neutrality. You have a lot of power when you manage your emotions when things get heated. In fact, as an agent, we get so passionate about the kind of work that we’re doing, we often forget our core responsibilities to the client, which is to be on their side. Brandon and Haley talk about why it’s important to set expectations correctly, how to be an elite communicator, and how to consciously practice emotional neutrality in this week’s episode.

Key Takeaways

●Does the way you communicate save you time or does it cost you time?

●The role of a real estate agent is to remain neutral.

●What does emotional neutrality mean? Haley shares her definition of it.

●Before you become reactive to your feelings, how do you take a step back and find the solution?

●Inside your emotional neutrality is where your power truly is.

●How do you approach upcoming challenges? Avoid them? Or face them head-on?

●Take control of the situation by having the conversation before it controls you.

●It’s a lot of work to calm people down and help everyone to move in the same direction.

●How do you set expectations if you don’t know what to expect?

●You save so much time by taking a step back, calming down, analyzing the situation, and then moving forward.

●Don’t have time to do something? Slow down.

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