The Authentic Agent Podcast

Build Your Level of Competency for Maximum Profitability

April 20, 2021
Podcast Number: 0026
Your co-hosts Haley LoBosco and Brandon Tracy talk about developing a stronger level of competency when you’re first starting out. You can dream and wish all you want, but we have to go in and build the competency to actually have the things we want in life and for ourselves. So many of us give up too early, like after a week, and what we need to do is practice consistent action overtime to get to a level of mastery that we’ve always wanted to have.

Key Takeaways

  • When you build competency, you build more profitability.
  • The missing ingredient is often within yourself.
  • You’re not supposed to be good at things when you first start them, so be kind to yourself.
  • It’s your responsibility to bring intention, learning, skill, and the right mindset into the strategy.
  • Agents that lean in and participate in their life and career every single day, they’re going to reach new heights in their career.
  • You have to continue to do it over and over again, and be open to mistakes, over a consistent amount of time to truly achieve a level of mastery.
  • Brandon wonders if he has FOMO when it comes to learning.
  • Show up to your potential.
  • Why are people so afraid to learn new things or to make an effort to expand their abilities?
  • Want to be an entrepreneur? It first starts with being comfortable with rejection.
  • It comes back to practicing a bit of grace and understanding that good things in life take time.
  • Courage is sitting inside of you already and it’s ready for you to tap into it.
  • Are you afraid? Write it down, write down all the fears you might be having around cold-calling, emailing a client, etc, and then go do it anyway.
  • Cross out everything that didn’t happen the way you thought it would.
  • Our outcomes in life are consistent with our skills and what we’re willing to grow into.

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