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Create Your Business Manifesto: Abandon Average To Obtain Excellence

June 29, 2021
Podcast Number: 035
Brandon is joined by Kyle in today’s podcast episode to talk about BTG Real Estate’s manifesto and how they approach core problems as a business entity. They also talk about why it’s so important to have this “tried and true” document within the company and how it helps them always have a North Star to succeed and deliver the best to their customers! Their manifesto is broken down into several parts, which they will be sharing step by step!

Key Takeaways

Brandon is excited to share the company manifesto and how it empowers his team in this week’s episode!

●It’s so easy to be so “busy” in the business that you don’t even have time to look up and clarify what you’re doing.

●How do you define a company manifesto?

●When we’re flying by the seat of our pants, we don’t have time to analyze and see into the future.

●The BTG manifesto is split into a couple of different sections.

●If your big “why” is just to live for your kids, it’s not going to move you to create a bigger impact.

●What does it mean when you join BTG? The manifesto covers that.

●Kyle reads out loud some snippets of BTG’s manifesto.

●Through pain, you’re either going to grow or you’re going to completely fall apart.

●Your manifesto should feel authentic to you. It’s definitely a learning process to not model what you “think you should be doing” in your manifesto.

●Brandon also reads some of BTG’s manifesto out loud. Do you want to be part of or create something bigger than yourself? The world is too complex to strike it alone.

●It’s critical to know what your purpose is within the company.

●Remember, you don’t want your culture to appeal to everyone. You want them to appeal to the right people.

●You have to abandon average to obtain excellence.

●Brandon wants his team to have self-accountability. He wants them to have autonomy.

●In today’s environment, you have to be innovative. If you’re not, you’re dying.

●Brandon shares why he doesn’t care who generates the leads.

●At the end of the day, it boils down to relationships. Who owns the relationship with the customer?

●Let’s talk about transformation and what that looks like in the manifesto.

●The last piece of the manifesto is this: Gimmick-free. Brandon shares why this is so important to him.

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